hi!  im maria.  i feel like i can be more personal here on my blog, and i find that really cool.  a couple things about me...i hate having to capitalize when i type...and i hate to use apostrophes, but i love commas - go figure.

i love to take pictures, and it never feels like work...ok, sometimes it does - but i still love it. i get inspired by random things. i prefer to be on location cause i like to play outside.  i love my dog and icecream.  i admit that i have laughed so hard that i peed my pants...more than once.  i talk a lot.  i laugh more than i talk.  i can still do a back flip after all these years.  i prefer to walk, and i love to recycle.  i love to travel. i think 30 is the new 20.

i am a documentarian, whether that means moments in life or moments in fashion.  i think its so cool that i freeze time and immortalize it...i guess it makes me like a super hero (although i would love to fly...)!

my wish is to work because i want to - not because i have to.  i hope to have a lasting career by being undeniably good.  in fact, that is the best advice i can give someone on how to make it...be undeniably good.

i want to see everything, and then i want to see it through a lens. 

thanks for having interest in me and my work - i look forward to making tons of great relationships with my clients - you guys rock!


ps  the image above was taken by the incredibly talented dean zulich - thanks dean!!!!