Tuesday, July 20, 2010


big news!

only the biggest wedding blog ever - style me pretty has featured my work! a few months ago, i worked with franklin & gower, and gianna sanfilippo from chic celebrations to create a beautiful "fake" wedding!

the idea behind this was to promote all of us by collaborating on the wardrobe, flowers, and overall style of the "wedding". franklin & gower provided the beautiful clothing for the guys - all custom made, custom fitted slacks, shorts and blazers. chic celebrations provided the amazing decor, and the outrageous flower arrangements - hello, succulents!!!

anyway, click here to see our wedding post!

and click here to see the full gallery!

thank you again to abby larson from style me pretty for featuring us, to paco and eduardo from franklin & gower, to gianna san filippo from chic celebrations, sarah hawkins (wardrobe stylist), paul von rieter and neeyaz zolfaghari (assistants), and our fantastic models natalie fabry, nick ballard, sarah karges and kyle loethen


Friday, July 9, 2010

...NEW WORK...

hey guys!

i have recently updated my website with almost 20 new images! just wanted everyone to go check it out, and let me know what you think. and i really want to know!

here is an image that isn't up on my site yet, but the shoot isn't public yet. it's from the hundreds fall 2010 shoot, which should release pretty soon...i will keep you posted.

yes, i used film to shoot part of it. it was so much fun, and a little challenging, especially with the medium format stuff. i think i may do it more often - we can't let film die!!!

happy friday


Friday, July 2, 2010


well kids, it looks like we predicted the future!

remember this image?

a few days ago, it was released that the dancer in the picture, kenny wormald has been named to star in the re-make of FOOTLOOSE!!! he was our kevin bacon, and the casting directors agreed!

here is a pic of his face, so you can get used to seeing it...

a huge congrats to kenny, and a super high five to the makeup artist on this shoot, gia harris who brought kenny to the project - she should moonlight as a casting director!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


hey guys!

so i recently had the opportunity to photograph some old friends, and their adorable new baby, corbin. jessica, matt and i go waaaay back - high school for matt and i, and i met his wife jessica in college. such good people.

i have been so excited to share these images with you guys, because corbin is such a sweet, happy, handsome baby, and matt and jess are wonderful.

without further wasting of any time, i give you the owens family!

thanks again to jessica, matt, corbin, and tini for letting me capture an afternoon in your lives!


Monday, June 14, 2010


woo hoo!!!

so....my image of jessie and the toy boys is featured today on
perez hilton!!!

check it out, and give her song 'like you better' a listen, it's a fun, dancey take on romeo void's 'never say never'


Thursday, June 10, 2010


hey guys!

just got sent the images from the latest magazine shoot i did with brother and sister tech genius duo, matt and amanda macnaughton from culture jam. we shot the images at my house, here in pasadena, and had a blast! i have actually known the macnaughtons since i was about 13 - which is only about 5 years ;)

we were shooting a feature for riverside magazine, and knew we had a chance to get the cover also, so we went to work.

we shot a bunch of different setups - and as usual, i had my faves helping me
wardrobe stylist, sarah hawkins and
makeup and hair stylist, julie murray

well, we ended up getting the coveted cover spot, and a great feature inside! here is our story!

what do you think?
many thanks to amanda and matt, jerry rice from riverside magazine, and of course to sarah and julie for doing such a great job!


Monday, May 10, 2010


went to austin, texas recently to shoot a tv pilot. it was pretty tiring, but i'm still floating from that weekend's events!

as i mentioned right before i left, my good friend dean zulich invited me to be a part of his most current project - a tv pilot for a photography-based show. the team was incredible - an award winning director, marko slavnic, an nfl star, some of the best creatives in the business, and me, as the host!

i learned a lot this trip - how to operate on nearly zero sleep, how it's possible for weather in austin to change on a dime, how much i like creamed corn from a certain restaurant in texas, how to count cards, and the art of improv.

here are a couple pics from my travels..

learning how to count cards in the airport, from my new friend scott

the weekend started out with me arriving in austin (it could not have been hotter/more humid) and being picked up by dean's awesome assistant keith! this is how i was greeted...

not a bad start, right?!

so then, we were off to the best burger joint in austin, your mom's. it was so good, i can't even tell you! here is julie and me drinking our mexican coke - the big bottles!

after that, we headed to the house that was rented for us to settle in. my dear friend, and hair/makeup artist, julie murray was bunking with me, which made the weekend so much fun - she kept me beautiful and sane. :)
we kinda just bummed around the house for the rest of the day, and met the people we would be working with. call time the next morning was 6am, so we were off to bed early!

the next morning, it was a whirlwind, loading the rv, hair and makeup, and of course, rolling out to our 10 million dollar location. the location is the set for the movie, tha alamo. it took 2 years to build, and 10 million dollars. here are a few shots...

the day was long, and the weather was strange...first, it was freezing cold and windy, then it warmed up and rained! you never know with austin, especially given that the day before was scorching...we were thankful for the cooler weather. here are a few shots of us in action...

we had an absolute blast, and i can't wait to see the final product. as of now, the show is not attached to any networks, but we definitely think it has a bravo, lifetime, or even discovery vibe to it! so, if you want more info, want to give us lots of money to make a tv show, or know someone that does, let me know! i will keep you all posted - pun intended!

pics courtest of keith hente and sarah elizabeth - thanks!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


so, as few of you may know, i am heading out to austin, tx this weekend...tomorrow morning, to be exact. why, you ask?

well, it's kinda a secret. sorta.

you know when something realy coo happens, but you dont wanna talk about it too much, cuz you might jinx it?! thats how i feel right now!!

but i AM actually going, so i guess i can give you a little info...drum roll...

i am shooting a tv pilot for a photography show!!! and I am the HOST! how cool is that?! i can't give away the premise, but it is gonna be super cool, and thankfully, it is not a competition show :) i CAN tell you, however, that the show is created by my dear friend, (and fellow competitor on 'the shot')
dean zulich!

reunited, and it feels sooo goooood....haha

wish me luck, everyone, i am really excited.
i will probably do a post from texas too, so keep your eyes peeled.

i will leave you with an image from a shoot i did last week with franklin and gower, and gianna from chic celebrations. it was a faux wedding, and we had a blast! i will post more images once we are done choosing our faves! here is a pic of our handsome "groom", nick ballard.

thanks again to my awesome assistants, paul von rieter and neeyaz zolfaghari. you guys rocked!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


wanted to share the final images from diane's maternity shoot last month. she is such a gorgeous mommy to be (of twins!), but don't take my word for it...

is she gorgeous, or what?! can't wait to meet her boys, noah and dylan soon!