Thursday, May 6, 2010


so, as few of you may know, i am heading out to austin, tx this weekend...tomorrow morning, to be exact. why, you ask?

well, it's kinda a secret. sorta.

you know when something realy coo happens, but you dont wanna talk about it too much, cuz you might jinx it?! thats how i feel right now!!

but i AM actually going, so i guess i can give you a little info...drum roll...

i am shooting a tv pilot for a photography show!!! and I am the HOST! how cool is that?! i can't give away the premise, but it is gonna be super cool, and thankfully, it is not a competition show :) i CAN tell you, however, that the show is created by my dear friend, (and fellow competitor on 'the shot')
dean zulich!

reunited, and it feels sooo goooood....haha

wish me luck, everyone, i am really excited.
i will probably do a post from texas too, so keep your eyes peeled.

i will leave you with an image from a shoot i did last week with franklin and gower, and gianna from chic celebrations. it was a faux wedding, and we had a blast! i will post more images once we are done choosing our faves! here is a pic of our handsome "groom", nick ballard.

thanks again to my awesome assistants, paul von rieter and neeyaz zolfaghari. you guys rocked!



  1. Congrats and Good Luck! I cannot wait for the update!!!

  2. Sounds like fun! Hopefully it will air on one of the 20 channels that I actually get.

  3. Fantastic news! Very cool news. Good luck, enjoy your trip. Keep us posted!

  4. If it will be online, able to stream you HAVE to post a link or so! Have fun

  5. that sounds awesome! What a bummer I'm going to miss it since I'm living outside the US :( Wish you good luck!