Sunday, April 11, 2010


wanted to share another video from an editorial i did for the winter 2010 issue of eliza magazine. this shoot was a dance movie inspired story, meaning, we chose some of our favorite dance movies and re-created moments from each film. the shoot ended up taking 4 days to complete, so we have broken down our behind the scenes videos into separate parts. here is the first!

grease and breakin'

and here are the images...

maria carmel

maria carmel

maria carmel

what made this shoot so cool (besides the obvious), is that we used models AND real dancers! in fact, some of the best, most recognizeable dancers in the world.

you may remember devin jamieson in the grease shot from 'this is it', the recent michael jackson movie!! we also got to work with michael riccio, and jimmy federico. our breakin' dancers were shonnie solomon and aja george

our beautiful model for grease, was natalie fabry, and our gorgeous breakin' model was kate herman

as usual, the team was awesome, gia harris on makeup, nikki providence on hair, and nra kudelka on wardrobe. thanks to alex smith, my assistant on these two movies, and to nicholas bentley for the amazing video.


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