Tuesday, April 20, 2010


yes, it's true, i missed coachella. for those of you who dont know what coachella is, it is the biggest 3-day music festival in california. just to give you an idea of who played this last weekend...here is the poster

and beyonce showed up to sing with jay, thom yorke played some radiohead...the list literally goes on and on for how dope it was. i had vip passes, and i missed it.

but i didnt care.

know why?!

i became an aunt for the first time!!! some of you are gasping...'WHAT?! YOU MISSED THE WHOLE 3 DAY FESTIVAL?!', but some of you know exactly why i don't care even a little bit, and why i was literally at the hospital for all 3 days. becoming an aunt for the first time is one of the most amazing moments i have had in my life so far. i can only imagine that having my own is the one thing that can top it - ok, and getting married too! i was the second person to hold her (after my sister and her husband)!! she is the most perfect little angel i have ever seen, and i am still in awe of her.

here we are together for the first time

so, yeah, i'm sure coachella was amazing, but i'm pretty sure my weekend was even better. and i will apologize to madison in advance...you will have a camera in your face for the rest of your life, sorry. :)



  1. Beautiful, Maria. I have my own and I still LOVE LOVE LOVE being an aunt! Enjoy her and she'll enjoy you back. -Kaitlin

  2. How exciting! Very happy for you and your family! You made the right choice for sure. :)

  3. You definitely made the right choice. Coachella will be there next year. AAaagghhh, I cant believe she's here. More pic's please? xo