Thursday, February 25, 2010


hi everyone!

yesterday i had my shoot with the wonderful lindsay sloane. she was so fablous and fun to work with, and a total trooper! as you know, it was super rainy, overcast, and cold yesterday...and of course, we were scheduled to shoot outside. yikes!

problem? no way! we got some cute umbrellas, and went to work! i was lucky enough to have a great team on board yesterday... the wall group's kayleen mcadams on makeup, and richard collins on hair. amazing wardrobe from stylist steph ashmore, and my awesome assistant, eric bradshaw.

the look we created was all about being fresh, young and feminine. looking through images was fun to do, since there was so much great stuff. lindsay's personality is upbeat and fun, and it totally showed in her film. (just so everyone knows, i did shoot this digitally. film is only a term used to describe all her shots...if youre annoyed by that, sorry)

looking forward to being able to put some up from the day, and when the issue of eliza magazine comes out!

last thing for today...
tonight i speak at tri community at 7pm. i am super excited, and have a lot of important things to tell the students tonight. if you are going tonight, i will see you there. if you or someone you know are interested in having me come to your school and talk, please email me!

hope everyone is having a great day! i will leave you with some inspiration...


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  1. All I can say is holy crap! Your talk at Tri was truly captivating. To open up and speak candidly the way you did was inspiring. Makes me want to get off my rear end, not take things for granted, and take full advantage of the opportunities presented to me. Thanks, Maria. - Joe Dypiangco