Friday, February 19, 2010


oh. my. gosh.

i am back, but this time, i am better - promise! i am so excited too!!!

i figured that it was about time that i make the branding of my business uniform throughout. thanks to my good friend paul von rieter, an ace wedding photographer, i got off my butt and DID it!!!

2009 was full of ups and downs for me and my business, and you know what, i wouldnt change a thing. sure, you think to yourself...'gosh, if i would have...then i would be...' but you know what?! i learned so so so much about my business, but more importantly, about myself this last year. no one likes to learn the hard way, but sometimes you just gotta. im stronger than ever!

i just want to take a moment to thank everyone that has consistantly followed me and my career - before the show, and of course because of the show. just to know that so many people support me in my journey is incredibly comforting and humbling. i have not had to go it alone at any point, and to all those who have helped me along my path, i thank you with my whole heart.

this year, after learning some serious lessons, i am committed to expanding my business, making strong relationships, and getting better at my craft EVERY SINGLE DAY. that means blogging regularly, shooting shooting shooting for clients AND for myself, and taking the time to reach out to my current and potential clients. i am so excited!!

did i mention that i am excited?!
please stay tuned, spread the word, ask me questions, and continue to be awesome.