Monday, February 22, 2010



well, i just wrote this entire post, and realized that i messed something up, so i copied the entire thing before deleting it...THEN i guess i copied something else, erasing my entire blog post! aaahhhhhhhhh!

ok, it happens.

i will try this again, lol.

so, this week is BUSY! and i like that, A LOT!
first on the agenda, is pre production (pre-pro) for a shoot with lindsay sloane. you may remember her as 'big red' from 'bring it on', or as 'valerie' on 'sabrina the teenage witch' - or is that just me? hey, i loved that show, and yes, i may have watched bring it on 5 times (last week)...jk, kind of.
the shoot is for a one-pager in eliza magazine, running in the spring issue. i have never met lindsay, but think the shoot will be super fun! we are shooting here at casa de carmel, so pre-pro does include a clean up (or a white tornado, as my dad would call it).

simultaneously, i am doing pre-pro for a press shoot for pop star, jessie malakouti! she is an american, but has been living in europe for almost 3 years, kicking ass. she is kind of a big deal across the pond! besides being super talented, she could not be sweeter - i cant wait to work with her. we will be shooting behind the scenes video too, so video and images to come!

this week i will also be working with some newbies! i get tons of emails from aspiring photographers, and i am always so happy when they ask if they can come to a shoot so they can learn. i always say yes, because it is a great opportunity for them to donate their time and service in order to get a taste of the real thing. i love to contribute to the foundation of someones career, its important to pay it forward! i totally respect the hustle, and always have told myself 'if you dont ask, the answer will always be NO'. something to think about...

last for this week, and probably my most exciting venture, i have been invited as a guest speaker!! on thursday night, i will be speaking at tri community, an adult photography program located just outside of los angeles, in covina. this is my third time as a guest, and i am so excited!! there is such a diverse group of photographers there, all eager to learn and share. they are always so gracious to me, and speaking to others about photography is one of my favorite things about my job. please check out the program, you will be amazed at what they offer!

ok, i did it. longest post ever.
i am working on a visual post for later, so check back!


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