Friday, March 5, 2010


happy friday!

in my opinion, shooting behind the scenes vids is a very important thing to add into the mix at a shoot. clients love it, and it is a great way to remember the day - and get some footage of you working too! they can be short, or super elaborate, and of course, having a great cameraman, and editor is important to the success of the final product. i am very lucky, because my fiance, nick happens to be both of those things!

here are some examples of behind the scenes that we have done...

let me know what you think, there are lots more to come!

i will leave you with this image i found (not my image though)...

it makes my heart feel happy



  1. How cute! My husband had on as a pet when he was younger.

  2. Love this! And how fun for your clients to not only walk away with fab pictures, but also this second reminder of a great day, and those fun moments between shots. Awesome work, as always. xo