Monday, March 15, 2010


had a great weekend, full of sun, dog-sitting, friends, and family!

today, i am back to the grind, and a little tired...i guess that's where the case of the mondays comes in. i am in full effect though, handling logistics for a shoot tomorrow in long beach, and simultaneously planning a wedding shoot in april.

wedding shoot, you say?!

yep! i am working together with some really great people to produce my first faux wedding shoot. i will get into more detail about the great people i am working with, when we are totally in business. until then, i can tell you that we are already planning two different in the hollywood hills, and one in malibu. so excited to do it, and see what we get!

now, a different thought i had today...
have you ever felt completely paralyzed about what you are doing in your line of work? having no clue what to do next, and even if you did, you couldnt actually bring yourself to do it? this feeling is so natural, especially for us creatives!! every once in a while, we need to step back, and remember why we love what we do so much...sometimes, it its as easy as going on a hike and taking pictures along the way...urban exploration, if you will. dont stifle yourself with insecurities about your skill level, or your lack of equipment, just take pictures!! if you dont want to use your camera, use your cell phone, just look around and take pictures! make something out of nothing, find something interesting, steal a moment, a smile, an expression.

here is one of my favorite smiles...

go on a hike today, enjoy the sun. i am!


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