Wednesday, March 3, 2010



so after that very serious post, i thought it would be cool to talk about something fun! this past sunday, i was fortunate enough to be shooting JESSIE MALAKOUTI, an american singer, who is a bonafide pop star in europe...and now, my good friend!

she needed some new press shots for her new band, jessie malakouti and the toy boys, so we went to work! the concept was really cool, and it involved boy mannequins...

it was such a blast, and we got such great stuff! we worked with an amazing team, and i just wanna shout them all out! check them all out, give them some love, and hire them!!!!

first, i had some amazing assistants!

my first assistant was ADAM MURRAY - he keeps me sane, and always has my back. he is a great friend, and a great photographer. i am so glad that he is on my team, and i am happy to be on his. here is his email...send him some love, and hire him!

my second and third assistants (in no particular order) were working with me for the very first time! they both reached out to me personally, and so i invited them to come and help us for the day. they were amazing, and i hope to have them back again sometime soon.


and JONATHAN COUSIMANO - you guys rocked! here are their emails...again, send them some love, and hire them! and

i also worked with an amazing creative team!

on wardrobe, was SARAH HAWKINS - she has been with me from the start, and is so talented, i can not believe my eyes sometimes! i could not get by without her, and love her like a sister. wardrobe often doesnt get enough credit for all the hard work they do. i am here to celebrate her, and to say THANK YOU!!! here is her email... hire her!!

on makeup, was JULIE MURRAY (yes, she is ADAMS WIFE!!) - she is one of the most talented artists i have ever worked with! not only that, i adore her, and am proud to call her my friend. here is her email... hire her!!

on hair, was NANCY LANE - this was the first time we had worked together, and i was more than impressed with her! she rocked out look after look, and was equally as stylish and chic as the hair she was creating. here is her email... hire her!!

we also shot some behind the scenes video, with STEPHEN MALLETT - he, and his entire team was awesome. i cant wait to work with them again (and always) on shoots! here is his email... hire them!!

i want to also give a special shout out to KATIE, owner of THE PAINTED NAIL in sherman oaks, who so graciously let us use her salon as our location and home base. ladies, trust me, you want your nails done there!!! thank you to BEE also, who was helpful and sweet!

i want to say a huge thanks to everyone involved. i could not do it without you!
thanks also to VERA SALAMONE, part of jessie's awesome management team at PROSPECT PARK!

images and video to come!!!


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