Sunday, March 21, 2010

...BUSY, BUSY...

tomorrow is quite the busy day for me!

i have a meeting with a dear old friend, bobby hundreds, who is major, MAJOR in the streetwear community. the hundreds has grown into more than the t-shirt line it began as 6 years ago, it is a worldwide label, that includes cut and sew, shoes, sunglasses, and of course, fitted caps. they are so much more than a clothing company, they are a lifestyle. the hundreds has made it cool for nerdy asian kids that like sneakers, skateboarding, and punk rock (bobby), to get their law degree, run a huge company, and still celebrate the underground street culture that inspires them. even with his stuffy law degree, he gets to draw, skateboard, and wear t-shirts everyday...for a living. i admire him very much, and even with all his success, he is still the same bobby from before.

anyway, we are discussing something super cool, but i don't wanna say too much and jinx it...i promise i will tell you when it is in stone.

next on the agenda, im doing a maternity shoot! my fave! this time, i am lucky enough to shoot with model, diane sorrentino weiss, who is pregnant with twins!! we already booked to shoot her baby boys too, and i am so excited, since this is my first time shooting twins! will definitely post some images soon!

thinking about shooting my day tomorrow, since it is a busy one...maybe another 'day in my life' post??

let me know what you guys want to see, and hear about! if you have questions for me, email me!

maybe i can do a q&a post!

here is an inspiration image for all of you to start your week off just right...
remember, the eiffel tower was not built in a day...


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